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Marketing & Brand Strategy in the Global Consumer on 22/08/2011.
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22/08/2011 - 23/08/2011: Marketing & Brand Strategy in the Global Consumer

"I'd rather own a brand than a factory". With this statement more than 20 years ago, the late Peter Drucker anticipated the challenges and opportunities for brand management in our times.

In a global competitive environment, where speed has replaced stability and the economic base has shifted from the sphere of rationality to the realm of desire, professional brand stewardship can make the difference between success and failure.

The 2- day module deals with how to develop products and brands that are based on introducing features that the consumer can appreciate and would want – so that a higher price can be enjoyed, and also higher sales volume – the consumer is typically willing to pay for relevant-to-him / her quality: The contrasting view of classical marketing, with discounting, and ultimately lower margin, is also discussed.

Your Top Benefits
  • Understand marketing and brand strategies in the global consumer world
  • The young, modern consumer - what does he/she want?
  • Branding strategies require innovations! But How?
  • Pricing, at full value, no discounting - as long as the customer understands the innovation!
  • The effective revenue-enhancing marketing strategy!
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