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The Business School of the Future Offers Key Insights.

Our business school is a business school of the future. We are very diverse and offer you flexibility with less administrative red tape. Our professors are global experts in their fields. They typically come from other academic institutions for short teaching stints at our business school, bringing with them the latest insights in the fields of management and business.

Our educational methods are different: Rather than listening to a monologue, you will participate in thematic discussions with the professors, for our business school is a meeting place! You will network with fellow participants as well as faculty members – establishing valuable contacts for life.

We have a vision of a new way of learning – tailored to the real needs of the 21st century. Learning which is eclectic and suits your personal needs and can be pursued while you work in your current position. What you learn at the Lorange Institute you can immediately put into practice on the job.

We broaden your view of business challenges and solutions and present the latest in practice and theory. And we challenge you to discover your limits. Our programs are not just programs. They are innovative learning experiences that will change the way you look at business challenges and think about the values which lie beyond the balance sheet.

Although we are at the forefront of academics, we are not locked away in an ivory tower. We are practical and pragmatic. At Lorange, you will solve current, real-life problems relating to leading companies. Change the way you act as a leader and fulfill your potential with a degree from the Lorange Institute of Business.

Yours sincerely,
Peter Lorange

We welcome you right on the shore of Lake Zurich
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