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18/06/2012 - 29/06/2012: Business Driven Information Management

This course examines the management and alignment of organizational strategy and electronic methods of delivering products, services, and exchanges in inter-organizational, national, and global environments. Information technology strategy and technological solutions for enabling effective business processes within and between organizations in a global environment are considered, particularly in view of the rapid growth and adoption of social collaboration tools and platforms.  

This course focuses more on the business and management considerations of e-business and e-commerce and less on the technological considerations.  With e-business management as the course’s primary mission, we examine e-business models, recent & emerging trends, marketing & other channel management strategies, the IT industry (overall), social media as a driver of business strategy,  empowerment and collaboration, and significant e-business design considerations.  

The course uses a foundation level e-business textbook, coupled with recent supplemental e-business lecture topics and very recent current events presentations.  To accomplish these objectives the course provides students an opportunity to conduct real-life case-orientated analysis, prepare some of the most prevalent types of consulting engagements, and research & review materials from the industry’s most successful thought-leaders in these areas.
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