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Certificate of Business

Having graduated from a vocational school or university and with several years of professional experience under your belt, you may have a need for an academic programme that can efficiently provide you with essential management tools within a relatively short period of time (e.g. one year). An education which gives you the skills to cope with all the operational challenges of managing your business. In that case, the Lorange Certificate of Business is the ideal choice.

The Lorange Certificate of Business offers you a sound and compact one-year start to your undergraduate management education. You will learn the theoretical and practical principles of international management and will then be able to efficiently take on professional managerial responsibilities. Moreover, you will have a chance during this year to seriously explore what your key areas of interest for further academic education might be.

Advanced education

Additionally, the certificate is an ideal start for your next step: This degree in combination with the appropriate practical experience opens the gate to higher management education: our master’s programmes.

Main Subjects

  • Principles of General Management (12 day / language: German)
  • Accounting & Finance (6 days / language: German)
  • Business Law (2 days / language: German)
  • Effective Management Communication (2 days / language: English)
  • Sustainable Business Management (2 days / language: English)
  • Fundamentals of Business Statistics (2 days / language: English)
  • TOEFL Preparatory (2 days / language: English)

Zürich Living Case

Practice is the key. That is why the Zurich Living Case is a core element of the master’s programmes. As the Lorange Institute offers exclusively executive programmes, its practical management approach requires a constant knowledge transfer to and from the workplace. Therefore the Lorange Institute does not work with “Harvard Cases” but with real entrepreneurial problems, so called “Living Cases”. The Living Cases are not only a unique learning experience for participants but also provide the cooperating companies with many excellent ideas on how to tackle their current challenges.

During the 12-day module students will be split up in multidisciplinary consulting groups and work on solving real cases. During the module they are supported by the companies in order to maximize their learning outcome and increase the benefit for the company.

This combination will lead to a deeper and more practical understanding of the student’s subject and their professional issues.

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