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The world of sport has become a global business.

The major football leagues in Europe are valid examples of how the evolving business models have become key elements in the world of sport. The program captures business opportunities arising from this new lifestyle-driven world. The focus for this program lies in areas such as managing intellectual property rights, concept management or strategies for multiple revenue streams generation.

The module falls into four broad parts. The first has to do with how to organize sports activities, so that you perform best when it truly matters. The second deals with the roles of mate- rials science in sport. Thirdly, marketing’s role in sport is being dealt with. The entertainment industry: music, film, TV shows, gaming, and performing arts, have become huge generators of revenue from the sale of rights and attendance fees.

And, finally the legal issue of contracts – the athletes and the event sponsoring are covered with a focus on the exploitation of intellectual property rights in a cyberspace world of e-commerce and web usage.
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