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Change Management & Organizational Design: Get your staff ready for high performance
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02/07/2012 - 03/07/2012: Change Management & Organizational Design: Get your staff ready for high performance

With today’s rapidly changing world, companies, too,  are facing organizational changes. In the past, there were typically one, or a few senior managers or "owners" who made the bulk of the strategic decisions for the organization, and then took care of implementation. Today, the reality is different:

·    With more professional managers, the challenge for companies is attracting the best talent. This calls for “flatter” organizations, less “bureaucracy”, more speed.
·    More focus on specific, often more complex projects. This calls for finding ways to incorporate key experts without creating “primadonnas”.
·    The frightened competition, calls for more rapid, effective implementation, often with more focus on teamwork across disciplines.

The focus on organizational design issues to achieve today’s competitive success implies:
·    Reassessing the value chain for a more strategic focus.
·    More focused organizational design, given today’s needs for more attractive work-places.
·    Integrating functional competencies between various businesses and countries.
·    Making the organizational culture more adaptive, less bureaucratic and speedier.
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