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23/04/2012 - 24/04/2012: Niche Strategies in Shipping

Sure, the shipping industry is fascinating. It is special because of the truly global nature of its business. But huge investments are also needed, and the market is highly cyclical. Not to forget the unique competitive structure with many determined players.

Fortunes are made – and lost – at a fast pace, with some of the most risk-willing owners also serving as decision makers. A viable strategic option is to find specialized niches, when the volatility may be less pronounced – and this is what this seminar is all about: to find and utilize such relatively rare stable niches!
A big issue in shipping is that many actors are quick to copy.

What is a good niche today may tomorrow become a commodity space where comparing freight rates is all. We shall discuss how to develop “black boxes” that might offer some longer lasting protection regarding this.

This two-day program on niche strategies in shipping will give shipowners, brokers, builders or ship finance bank executives concrete clues for developing (and updating) a “black box concept” that allows them to work their lucrative shipping niche – alone. Get the skills needed to succeed in a truly challenging industry, including:
Get the skills needed to succeed in a truly challenging industry, including:
  • Strengthened ability to identify niche strategies.
  • Better relationship approaches to your customers.
  • Specialized competences for developing niches: brokerage, technical and finance.
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