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18/08/2012 - 19/08/2012: Sustainable Business Management

This advanced management program provides an introduction to the social, environmental and financial aspects of corporate social responsibility.
An intensive, hands-on course, it is designed to help you discover new opportunities for your business, association or nonprofit organization, and prepare you to introduce, support and drive sustainability initiatives.

Key questions will be explored and addressed: How do issues around sustainability impact the way I do business now and in the future? How can I balance short-term financial needs with long-term social values? How do I manage people and lead a transformation based on sustainability?

Main Topics

  • Sustainable development: What's happening now and how might things develop?
  • Leverage points for sustainability improvements.
  • Business innovation, strategic direction and sustainability.
  • Business models that improve sustainability.
  • Implementing sustainability strategies and managing the human aspects of change.
  • Systems thinking in relation to stakeholders, assumptions and consequences.
  • Lessons learned from a variety of case studies.
  • Your strategic sustainability action plan.

Who should attend?

Managers looking for best practices to create positive social and environmental change while improving the bottom line.
Middle and upper-level managers who influence corporate strategy and/or lead innovation programs in their department or business unit.
Senior managers who formulate corporate strategy, implement strategic initiatives, and lead organizational transformation.
Sustainable Business: Managing for Opportunity, Growth & Value is a highly interactive, dialogue-driven and hands-on program that shifts your thinking and provides a systems-based approach to successfully integrating sustainability into your organization. All coursework over this two-day program has practical application to your professional activities to ensure that you and your company benefit.
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