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Modern Marketing

Marketing today differs immensely from what used to be common practice just a decade ago. The evolution of e-commerce and the proliferation of B2B and B2C marketing, in combination with other new paradigms for communication and distribution, has altered the way marketing is being done.

Industrial marketing, or B2B, has not been as dramatically impacted as the consumer marketing specie, where the new digital world has redefined the "rules of engagement" for successful competitive strategies as well as for marketing in this new era.
However, the notion of brands remains just as important today as it has always been. In fact, at Lorange Institute, we have further enhanced our focus on brand strategies, and embraced the value creation strategies for brands that are emerging. We focus on the high quality end of the brand value creation process.

Therefore the program will deal with key aspects of the brand value creation strategies for quality brands. These include luxury goods and all true quality products and services, not only in the high price and luxury segments. In fact, the quality of the brand is not linked to price or product; quality brands also exist in the lower price segments of the market, e.g. IKEA, Smart, Swatch, just to mention a few.

A key strategic dimension lies in the pricing decision process, and how pricing is linked to quality and the nature of the underlying demand in the segment. Price to quality combinations will form an important part of the program.

The program will build on how quality brand marketing is being performed in highly successful firms. It combines a strategic perspective on brand value creation with new themes for brand marketing, and the key issues facing management in the implementation of such leveraged quality brand marketing plans and initiatives.
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