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Marketing & Brand Strategy in the Global Consumer
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Sustainable Business Management
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War for Talents?

In a global economy, characterized by customization, speed, and innovation, organizations’ ability to attract, develop, derive value from and retain talent effectively is key to developing a sustained competitive advantage.

Employees are depositories of the human capital (i.e., knowledge, skills, and abilities) and social capital (i.e., relationships) necessary to implement the strategy of any organization.  However, unlike other forms of traditional capital, such as financial capital and physical capital, human and social capital is not owned by companies but resides within the organization’s employees.

Talent and Intellectual Capital Management is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the strategic role that talent management plays in providing firms with sustained competitive advantages.  Participants will learn cutting edge practices for realizing the value generating capacity of their employees. 
Published: 21/04/2011
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