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AMBA Innovation Award

AMBA Award for Lorange Executive MBA program
We were awarded the AMBA Innovation Award for our Executive MBA program. Our Executive MBA was commended for having “developed a new sharpened and expert-oriented Executive MBA program with an adaptive and modular structure. The leadership concept is highly un-bureaucratic and executive-oriented.”

The Association of MBAs has launched the MBA Innovation Award to promote the value and significance of innovation within MBA programs.

How students profit
AMBA is an international impartial authority on postgraduate business education. AMBA accredits MBA programs at 168 schools in nearly 70 countries. Accreditation is an objective way of measuring a business school’s credentials. The quality of education, the school’s facilities, the faculty and the research programs can all be reviewed as part of an accreditation process.

Each student will profit from the accreditation as it is a warrant for high quality education which is recognized by both the economy and other business schools and universities. It augments the value of your diploma.

Being AMBA accredited represents another important milestone on the way to become the Business School of the Future.

Check out the AMBA-Movie on our institute
Published: 22/11/2011
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