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Leadership: Developing new insights

Joerg Reckhenrich Faculty at Lorange Institute of Business
"Leadership is not an art. But there is a lot of art in leadership." Our faculty member Joerg Reckhenrich is both an artist and a consultant. He is haunted by the question: "How to teach leaders new horizons which they haven't known already for a long time?"

Leadership is mainly about questioning positions and opinions and to look out of the box. Creative leadership is a process. The creative potential is orchestrated and used to handle complex situations. During our January-event "Speed, Action: Results!" Joerg Reckhenrich will put across new leadership processes during his museum exercise.

From dialogue to success
In his exercise, Joerg uses the dialogue as a tool to achieve a general goal. Distinguishable observations, experiences and ideas towards one subject are the common ground - in this case the subject is a piece of artwork. The different experiences are used as a resource from which a new, productive situation emerges; a situation which would not result without the dialogue. Only the collective development of the productive situation will lead to new insights.

This process which is trained during the museum exercise with contradictory artworks is the basis for the future challenges with opinions and positions in leadership: different opinions should not delay but push the development of an organization.
Published: 22/11/2011
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