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Impression & lessons learnt: Doing Business in China

Lorange Institute of Business Doing Business in China Impressions
On 7 Dec, we invited numerous keynote speakers to our one-day event "Doing Business in China". In 2011, this event was the last one of our series "Speed, Action: Results!" during which we provide outstanding lectures and workshops and both valuable and practical hints on one specific topic.

This time we welcomed Dr Hans Roth, special advisor Asia to the State Secretary, Josef Mondl, Senior Consultant of the TAO China Center Switzerland, Charles de Brabant, entrepreneur in Shanghai, Peter C. Feldinger, HR Consultant with fifteen years of professional experience in Asia and the renowned Asia expert, Dr Karl Pilny.

Their lectures focused various aspects on how to do business in and with China in a sustainable way: the governmental situation, strategic aspects and many more. Or as Nandani Lynton, currently professor at the China Europe International Business School in Shanghai, writes: "Yet most Westerners do not know how to prepare for working with Chinese; the usual solution is a cross-cultural workshop that compares and teaches specific behaviors. Studying expatriate executives who are highly effective in the Chinese environment shows that they have been receptive to learning from Chinese patterns and now think and behave differently than they did before".
Published: 15/12/2011
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