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Speed, Action: Results: Workplace of the Future

The FutureWork Forum, our partner for the upcoming one-day-event "The Workplace of the Future", is devoted to exploring the working world of tomorrow. They help firms and organizations anticipate the future of work and develop strategies and plans to achieve their objectives - inspiring, engaging and directing the best performance from their people and in helping organizations to turn the future of work into a competitive advantage.

Together with their partners from a broad range of specialized  areas they respond to many a request that concerns the future of work at anytime and anywhere around the globe.

Their range of operational expertise translates into different key areas: Future Youth Employment, the FUTURE of the WORKPLACE, and a series of studies devoted to the 'NEXT Generation in Europe'. Their expertise and experience is used in a variety of ways:
  • Researching future-of-work issues
  • Acting as “expert witnesses” to organizations and institutions
  • Providing consulting services to senior managers and corporate planners
  • Writing, reporting and presenting on future-of-work issues
  • Presenting, debating and chairing conferences and seminars on future world-of-work issues
Under the label FWF vision they have initiated a series of 'white papers', designed to promote the FutureWork Forum’s view of key issues around the future of work. These are circulated to opinion formers, industry analysts and anyone concerned with the developing workplace.

FutureWork Forum
The Futurework Forum was founded in 2003 and works with senior management in public and private sector organizations and has almost every part of the future-of-work covered: architects and industry analysts; people resource strategists; market researchers and media experts, personal coaches, mentors and motivators; presentation specialists; games creators; future-of-work planners; manpower experts; writers, editors and interviewers.

23.03.2012: Speed, Action: Results: The Workplace of the Future
Published: 18/02/2012
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