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Executive Master of Science in Shipping and Logistics


The world knows that large parts of our lives are influenced by cycles - even life itself, seasons, and long term trends affecting our existence. For business, the notion of cycles has been a key factor in determining long and short term strategies for as long as we have had records of economic activity. Determining the underlying fundamental dynamics of demand and supply impacts our business decisions and performance more than maybe any other factor.

Still, we pay little attention to truly understanding how such cycles affect the businesses we are in, and our decisions driving return on investment and performance.

The sector that is affected more by cycle dynamics than other parts of the global economy is transportation and hence logistics. One specific key segment in the global logistic space is shipping, where turns in cycles have a dramatic impact on supply and demand, and hence on the very nature of value creation. The Lorange Institute is built on a long tradition of managing in business cycles, and has integrated this key element of strategic thinking and skills into its core Master Programs.

The MSC Program in Shipping & Logistics focuses on the integrated supply chain of transportation and logistics. A state-of-the-art approach to strategies for these sectors is provided, where the notion of speed and action leading to results is emphasised. The world's leading performance companies are basing their business models on seamless solutions using new technology and business solutions to provide such superior results for their businesses. Sharing this knowledge and approach is part of the learning experience provided in this program.

Pan-European degree

The Lorange Institute and the University of Wales have a highly regarded international validation process in place. This facility enables us to fully offer the degree awarded by the University of Wales. The value of your master’s degree from Lorange is enhanced by this validation, which guarantees approval of the degrees throughout the European Union.

This degree is validated and awarded by the University of Wales, UK. For further details regarding the University and its validation services, please log on to

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