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Executive Master of Science in Sports Management


The master program “Master of Science in Sports Management” deals with the economic questions, which arise continuously by the gradual consolidation of sports and entertainment in our society.

The world of sports and entertainment is gradually merging into one space: building on our society's need for enrichment and fun. Sports and entertainment have become one and the same thing; we want to be entertained and we want to have sports and leveraged leisure time become part of our lifestyle and values. This opens up enormous opportunities for business development and the evolution of new products and services. New concepts around lifestyle have emerged, supplying new features to fill our lives with pleasure and experiences.

The world of sports has become a large global business where major events are the focus of the entire world population's attention. The World Cup in soccer, the Olympic games, Super Bowl, Wimbledon, the US Open in golf and the America's Cup are just a few examples of this massive focus on these events, attracting both media and consumers alike. The major soccer leagues in Europe and the Champion's League are good examples of how the evolving business models have become key elements of the world of sports.

The entertainment industry: music, film, TV shows, gaming, and performing arts, have become huge generators of revenue from the sale of rights and attendance fees. The protection and exploitation of intellectual property rights have become even more important in a cyberspace world where e-commerce and web usage is part of almost every person's daily life. Downloading, streaming and file-sharing are the starting point of an entirely new world for artists, content owners and providers.

This has led to new business models and revenue generation strategies that are being launched and implemented at a pace the world has never seen before. "Business at the Speed of Light" has become a reality.

Lorange Institute offers this degree Master of Science Program to capture the emerging business opportunities arising from this new lifestyle-driven world where sports and entertainment combine to enrich our lives.

Pan-European degree

The Lorange Institute and the University of Wales have a highly regarded international validation process in place. This facility enables us to fully offer the degree awarded by the University of Wales. The value of your master’s degree from Lorange is enhanced by this validation, which guarantees approval of the degrees throughout the European Union.

This degree is validated and awarded by the University of Wales, UK. For further details regarding the University and its validation services, please log on to www.wales.ac.uk/validation or email

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